Our Story


Making Cinema Better,

Cinestruct was established in 2021 to support the communal film-viewing experience with the launch of Streamfunc. Streamfunc allowed users to easily discover the latest streaming titles and create personalized invitation cards for private watch parties while access to public screenings were limited.
Recognizing the potential for even greater impact, Cinestruct expanded Streamfunc under the umbrella of Cinevite to offer a suite of tools to enable connections at any film-related event.
Today, Cinestruct is committed to supporting and connecting filmmakers so they can continue to tell the important stories that bring us together.


Unlocking the Full Potential of Independent Film

Cinestruct's mission is to make it easy for filmmakers to make connections, reach a wider audience, and secure the financial support they need.
Cinevite Connect lets filmmakers easily share and discuss their films with their audience, breaking down the barrier between artist and consumer.
Cinevite Pledge empowers filmmakers by providing a path to secure funding that unlocks the next step in their career.
Join us on our mission as we chart a path to the future - amplifying the unique power of storytelling and connecting the global film community.


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Learn how we can use our technology and services unlock your potential and build a better tomorrow for independent cinema.